ISO 9001


Daniels Management Services is a one man band ISO 9001 2015 Consultancy based in Swadlincote in the East Midlands that has helped over 300 clients to get ISO 9001 with a UKAS Certification Body such as BSI, NQA, ISOQAR, etc.

BEWARE! There are many organisations on the internet offering non-accredited Certification...

With 30 years experience we offer ISO 9001 2015 with real business improvement. See ancient(!) press release that went out in the Northamptonshire Business Times in 1996. I had hair back then!

Client Comment -

Ant Harrison, Managing Director, SSG Advisory Limited. April 2018

"Dave is brilliant - converting at what may seem a box-ticking exercise into a really useful management toolset to improve your organisation. Give him a buzz and see quality compliance turn into business growth. BTW Dave has helped SSG Advisory over the past few years and we have benefitted greatly from his insight and experience . Done properly, like Dave does it, it's much more than a badge."